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R&D Resources
Beijing Medi' Care Co., Ltd.first presented the worldwide PDA distribution management system in 2006, and introduced RFID technology in production, logistics and distribution systems in 2009. It pioneered the integrated solution of Item Level Tracking in the world, taking the lead in u-SCM technology with the links and expansions between different industries.
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    Pioneered PDA of Mobile Circulation Management in China

    Launched Mobile Business System for Employees SFA
    South Korea's first mobile business office system for employees: used touch screen in the initial stage and updated through smartphones after PDA construction was complete.


    Launched for the Chinese market

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    Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management, introduction of RFID technology in production, logistics and sales, pioneer of the Item Level Tracking joint technology in the world
    Breaking away from the concept of single industry, realizing u-SCM for industry integration

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    Realized pharmaceutical circulation management based on the pioneering RFID technology in the world

    Realized pharmaceutical circulation management based on scanning code technology in Asia for the first time
    In the process of production, scanning code information was used to provide systematic tracking management for products from production to circulation.


    Realized pharmaceutical circulation management based on the pioneering RFID technology in the world
    Full coverage from production to consumers

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    Smart Healthcare : home care, emergency care, telemedicine
    Home care

    Provided medical services/health information/targeted measures through home human signal monitoring to implement Total Home Healthcare.


    Installed telemedicine equipment in homes (or health care institutions) and level 1 and 2 medical institutions, and built call centers (data centers) and consultation, consultation systems and data sharing integrated platforms of level-3 professional medical institutions.

    Emergency Medical Treatment

    Installed the remote control equipment for monitoring patient vital signs in the ambulance, constructed the connection system between the first aid center, ambulance and hospital emergency room so that patients could receive diagnosis and treatment in the shortest time after being transferred to the ambulance, which greatly improved the survival rate after the patient arrives at the hospital and gained precious rescue time for the ambulance.

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    HIS-Advanced Medical Information System ( i-match plus )

    The first case of hospital system operation information codification in China
    China's first large hospital to adopt South Korean HIS technology (Chaoyang Hospital, Railway Hospital, Liu'an Hospital, etc.)
    Became a pioneer in using external Order P/G in China to promote the upgrading of hospital operating system in China

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    Launched a medical service navigation platform (TIMS)
    Effectively prevented medical personnel from misdiagnosis and improved diagnostic efficiency
    Promoted standardization of medical records


    Medical Supply-chain Cooperation Platform (MSCP)
    As a common pharmaceuticals purchase (GPO) platform, it promotes transparency of pharmaceutical procurement through real-time circulation management and monitoring, thereby reducing prices and achieving scientific inventory (pharmaceutical wholesale and hospital) management.

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    GSP-certified WMS, Automatic Warehouse

    GSP-certified WMS construction-construction of warehouse system in compliance with GSP certification standards
    Possess WMS technology capable of making sensitive response to contracting party's operation flow
    Implement validation test based on GMP standards
    Adopt leading S/W R&D technology (digital warehouse)
    Enhance business scalability and stability


    Build GMP automated warehouse
    Full coverage from production to consumers

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    MTS(Multi Tracking System)
    MTS(Multi Tracking System)

    Position identification and access control using CCTV and RFID technology

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    RPA-reinventing robot operating procedure

    Repeated business operation by robot

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    Mobile Image Scheme ( V-Kinny )

    Introduced a mobile video media program
    Communication application (V-KINNY) for easy editing and sharing of various materials (videos, pictures, and PDFs) by using a mobile transfer scheme