Medi'Care - Solutions

Core Competence-Channel Win-Win

We have a pool of professional, growing and experienced sales force, extensive marketing channels and promotion network, as well as a comprehensive product portfolio, which improves our competitiveness and helps expand our market share.


clinics, including clinics, health rooms, service stations and out-patient clinics, covering 30 provincial regions of the country
pharmacies, covering 30 provincial regions of the country
terminal hospitals, of which 212 are grade 3, class A hospitals
maternal and child supplies store, with authorized sales outlets covering more than 200 major cities in China
Integrated Solution

By adhering to the channel concept of "win-win cooperation",
we're able to fully stimulate the channel power, and ultimately achieve common growth and win-win cooperation with partners.

在京东、天猫、微信 均开设旗舰店
VIP Home Promotion Ordering Platform-Medi' Care Carnival Day
The Medi' Care Carnival Day is an upgraded WeChat-based order fair created by VIP Home.

The WeChat-based order fair allows customers to enjoy the maximum sales promotion policy while staying at home, and also to participate in interactive lottery activities in our WeChat group. It offers fun for customers, with less time and efforts required.

At the same time, instead of the outdated form of placing orders by telephone, the WeChat order fair fully takes the advantages of the Internet to allow you to place orders by simply clicking on the link of the product order form on WeChat, selecting products and filling in quantities to submit your order in one-click way. Medi' Care sales soon receive your order and arrange the delivery company to deliver the goods to your home, with pay on arrival.