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Innovative Service
VIP Home

Based on WeChat, Medi' Care VIP Home provides customer service, promotional ordering and medical coordinated platforms, as well as patient-oriented education live.

  1. 01Customer service platform enables Medi' Care to provide routine services to clinic customers.
  2. 02Promotional ordering platform is a unique online ordering system.
  3. 03Medical coordinated platform is designed to help grassroots doctors improve their professional skills, so as to truly benefit grassroots patients.

Customer Service Platform

It provides product academic support, pediatric medical services and marketing activities based on the routine services provided to clinic customers. It also provides full range of high-quality, authentic medicines and consumer health products. Modern pharmacy layout and innovative product promotion, including its own brand line, provide customers with the best pharmacy healthcare services.

Promotional Ordering Platform

The Medi' Care Carnival Day is an upgraded WeChat-based order fair created by VIP Home.

The WeChat-based order fair allows customers to enjoy the maximum sales promotion policy while staying at home, and also to participate in interactive lottery activities in our WeChat group. It offers fun for customers, with less time and efforts required.

At the same time, instead of the outdated form of placing orders by telephone, the WeChat order fair fully takes the advantages of the Internet to allow you to place orders by simply clicking on the link of the product order form on WeChat, selecting products and filling in quantities to submit your order in one-click way. Medi' Care sales soon receive your order and arrange the delivery company to deliver the goods to your home, with pay on arrival.

Medical Coordinated Platform-Medi' Care College

  • A localized patient-oriented medical collaboration platform, with content source from, Medical Video, and self-made teaching videos.
  • B2B for customers: online lectures, training

Live classroom

  • B2C for consumers: Invite experts and doctors to give lectures on children's health care.
  • Internal-oriented sales: Provide multi-angle training for new products.